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Get Rapid Antigen Screening Tests from Health Solutions by Shoppers™

Keep your employees and your workplace safe with Health Canada authorized COVID-19 rapid antigen tests.

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Find the Rapid Antigen program that's right for your business

Employer Rapid Antigen Screening programs

1 DIY Testing

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  • Complete the order form below. Tests will be shipped to you so employees can begin self-testing.
  • $12 per test/$300 per box with a minimum order of 100 tests/4 boxes (1 box = 25 tests) plus applicable taxes
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  • Set up a convenient In-Pharmacy testing program through one of many Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws pharmacy locations across Canada.
  • Employees go to a pharmacy near them.
  • Test is done by Pharmacy and results are sent to employee.
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3Federal Rapid Antigen Screening program

  • For small to mid-sized businesses.
  • To qualify you must have 2-100 employees.
  • Rapid screening tests are provided free of charge by the Government of Canada (subject to availability).
  • Tests are picked up in store by you.
  • A Shoppers Drug Mart handling fee will apply.
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Keep Your Workplace Open, By Keeping It Safe

Regular rapid antigen screening, combined with existing safety measures, can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace and greater community.

Health Solutions by Shoppers™ - the Experience and Expertise Employers Trust.

We’ve invested in the infrastructure, capabilities, and resources to be a leader in COVID-19 testing and screening services in Canada.

Health Solutions by Shoppers™ is proud to offer a convenient solution for businesses looking to implement COVID-19 workplace screening. Our program leverages rapid antigen testing tools and access to training resources and expertise to support planning for employee safety.

Why Use Rapid Antigen Tests?

Rapid antigen tests are an easy, fast and effective way to screen for potential COVID-19 cases in the workplace.

PCR testing can take up to a 5 day turnaround time. That’s time and uncertainty businesses can’t afford. Rapid Antigen Screening tests from Health Solutions by Shoppers™ use a shallow nasal swab and can provide results in as little as 15 minutes.

Frequent Rapid Antigen Screening is also more effective at detecting the virus during peak infectiousness than infrequent highly sensitive and expensive PCR, thereby minimizing thespread of COVID-19 and provide reassurance to employers and employees.

Since 2021, we’ve supported over 30,000 employers across Canada access Rapid Antigen Screening tests. Let Health Solutions by Shoppers™ help keep your employees and your workplace safe.

Simple Three-Step Process

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$12 per test/$300 per box with a minimum order of 100 tests/4 boxes*

*1 box = 25 tests